Available Services

Jessica has three main areas of expertise: 

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Website/SEO

Along with boosting a variety of companies' metrics using these tactics, she has also given trainings to teams to introduce them to everything from the basics to brainstorming how they can use these better to further boost brand awareness and audience.

She has a fully customizable model based only on your business. After an initial conversation about your goals and struggles, she will do an evaluation of where your current digital marketing stands and develop a plan of how it could be even better. You will then collaborate together and come up with a plan that you're both comfortable with. Jessica would be happy to do everything from train your team on how to take these ideas and implement them internally, take them on herself, or even a little of both. Pricing ranges from the size of your business and the scope of work involved. 

So let's get started! Those clicks aren't going to generate themselves.