Jessica Hartman has a diverse and interesting background. As a child, she spent her days writing poetry and short stories, dreaming of being the next great American novelist. In high school, she found yearbook and discovered a love for journalism. She took that love to college and spent all four years working for the USF Oracle, holding positions such as Features Editor and Copy Chief. While still in college, she started working as an Online Editor for the St. Petersburg Times, now known as the Tampa Bay Times

Shortly after college, she fulfilled another dream and moved to New York City. As the journalism market evolved, her career evolved as well and she found herself working for the technology start-up, eFlirt Expert. It was here she got her start in marketing and fell in love with entrepreneurship and small businesses. Being a part of a small team, she learned the importance of ROI, and saw the importance of digital marketing. The company generated 40% of their client base from Twitter, and she saw it grow from an unknown brand to being in more than 500 media outlets. 

After three years in the start-up space, she took what she learned to the national and global markets. She learned the best practices and tricks of the trades from multiple areas - including financial by working with American Express and retail by working with Ann Inc. She learned to take her storytelling background and translate it to charts and metrics, showing how testing plans resulted in higher click-through and open rates. 

Through all these experiences, she has learned that her passion lies in helping independent and small business understand their niche in the market and expanding their brand through digital marketing. She would love to brainstorm with you to fully understand your goals and help you achieve them the fastest, best way possible.